Project: Unpackaged

We currently live in times of mass consumerism, one fuelled by online buying. This
design challenge seeks to identify new methods of packaging goods for this new 
e-commerce world, where products are being increasingly shipped from remote
locations, rather than purchased from local stores. The brief will explore how I as a
designer can design out waste and develop products which require no packaging
to ship. This leads to a new way of design thinking – one in which the boundary of
packaging and products overlap, where the product becomes the packaging and
the packaging becomes the product. A new harmonious relationship of product and
materiality emerges.

Unpackaged seeks to challenge how we shop for food and questions the way we
view products and packaging. Rather than just producing yet another bag to carry
food, this design is intended to have a real impact on current conversations about
package free retail. Furthermore, the aim is to influence the choices of everyday
consumers. The concept is a product that is designed to act as both a bag and a
form of food packaging, one that could itself be shipped without packaging.

Unpackaged is a bag that allows package free shopping. It encompasses a modular
system of containers that allow food to be carried from the shop and then emptied
to become storage containers in the consumer’s kitchen.
CAD and Renders